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Dekker Revision 2

Design for a data transformation and exploration tool.


  • resource manager (initial querys to list dbs / tables available)
    • :memory: table initialize and loaded
    • route for resource list
    • function for query
    • simple table viewer
  • sqlite3 manager
    • form to add resources
  • template processor for SQL
  • collector (file manager)
  • collector (mapped csv)
  • table editor (airtable ish)
  • graphing d3
  • Node Editor for Transforms
  • DAG Schedular
  • collector (clang AST)
  • Documentation Generator
  • Collector (UI Map)

Rev 2

UI Deps: tape-dom d3

MatPlotLib Pt.1

just wanted to try out something artistic in matplotlib. some more play time with numpy is always nice. here we go…

perlin noise with matplotlib color arrays

img img

some voronoi_points in a numpy array

img img

a bar chart on a polar axis.

I stole the code from some example, but I never thought about wrapping a bar chart x-axis around a point like that. Interesting result…

img img

using fonts on a plot

img img


Pretty pictures with perlin noise fields

Playing with Perlin Noise: Generating Realistic Archipelagos

Hexbin Shot Charts

Intro to

7 Points to Use Matplotlib More Efficiently

Matplotlib Animation – A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Artistic Voronoi Diagrams in Python

matplotlib colomap manipulation

W3 Python Exercises

NumPy Docs

Plotly vs Matplotlib

plotly has a js lib for interactive diagrams. not sure if matplotlib has something similar, but I haven’t seen it.

plotly express

Specific features

fonts matplotlib.axes.Axes.text

removing axes

axes subplots



cufflinks might not be really needed anymore. pandas supports multiple graphing backends like mpl or with plotly which now supports

pandas directly


drawio ui drawio ui

drawio example diagram drawio example diagram

Go Setup


Art Project

Motivated by Context Free

problem is the guy made a bad CFG which is really easy to do. people could use it though so how bad was it really? anyway he changed the grammer and bailed, so the old code and docs are all about a language that isn’t supported any more, and the new language appears to be dead on arrival. still makes pretty pictures though. the concept is solid.

Windows Setup

VSCode Setup



Open Recipe Search


Curry Dinner

Creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Brazilian Rice And Beans

Basic Quiche Recipe, Cheater Crust

Best Pancakes

Roasted Brocoli Teriyaki Chicken

Mediterranean Couscous Salad Together with Cevapcici and Tzatziki

Chicken Biryani

Cottage Pie

Cincinnati Chili

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Shawarma

Taco Seasoning



Chocolate Chip Cookies

EZ Cinnamon Rolls

Caramel Flan

Want to Try

Pad Thai

Pollo Enchipotlado

Buffalo Chicken Chili

Conor’s Irish Boxty

vegetarian hash with eggs

General’s Cauliflower


Baked French Toast

Vege Mexican Rice and Beans Casserole

Chicken Tamale Casserole